Comet K2-Mobility D02-T01 Simulation Process for Strength and Comfort of Commercial Vehicles

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Modeling and simulation of suspension components and framework prove to be especially demanding on the way of virtual vehicle development of commercial vehicles. Up to now there is an unsatisfactory stand of knowledge and process reliability. The analysis of strength, ride comfort and vehicle dynamics is done by using the finite element method (FEM) for strength and multibody simulation for dynamics in longitudinal, lateral and vertical direction. A linkage of both simulation methods is necessary, for further improvement of the simulation results. The main problem is the error-prone and time intensive implementation process of a FE structure into a MBS model. One main goal of the project is the development of a semi-automatic supported process of this implementation. A further goal is the modeling of suspension components like leaf and air springs. The known models of these components calculate satisfying results in their effective (main) direction. If there is a deviation from the effective direction, then the simulation accuracy suffers. This have to be considered in the modelling of leaf and air spring to improve the simulation results in the high frequency domain.
Effective start/end date1/09/0831/08/11


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