COMMIT Convergence in Multimedia Internet Transport

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COMMIT is ftw.'s part of the EUREKA/Medea+ project INCA Integrated Copper Network Access (Medea+ project proposal number A106). Medea+ is a pan-European cooperation program to promote chip-manufacturing technologies, with some focus on system-on-chip (SOC) development. The INCA project develops chipsets for broadband wireline systems, supporting technologies and methodologies, and prepares for future broadband products. COMMIT is responsible for delivering functionality descriptions of near-future products, researching product enabling key technologies for voice and data transport over IP, algorithms for radio-frequency interference (RFI) rejection, and specifying the technical impact of the unbundling of the local loop. Attention is to be given to the convergence of wireline and wireless communication and products specified are to support such a development
Effective start/end date1/04/0131/03/03


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