Computing and Plotting Static Electromagnetic Field Distributions by Conformal Maps with the Help of Mathematica.

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Field distributions between electrods or pole pieces are computed with the help of conformal maps. These are implemented in Mathematica programs employing the add-on package Graphics`ComplexMap`.These programs are selfcontained and can be started immediately by any user having little knowledge of Mathematica or conformal maps. The geometric parameters of each configuration are contained in a program head so that the user can adapt the geometric dimensions to his needs within tested limits. The programs give qualtitative and quantitative diagrams of potential and field distributions, also the fields along the boundaries. At the end one can give the coordinates of a point and the programs computes the values of the potential and of the field at this point. Programs available on the web-site for the following two-dimensional configurations: the end of a pol piece with a sharp rectangular or with a rounded edge; the end of a plane condensor with infinite thin plates or with plates of equal finite thickness; an aperture in an infinite thin screen or in a screen of finite thickness; a channel with a sharp rectangular bend changing the width of the channel; a channel changing its cross section by a sharp rectangular step; an infinitely thin stripline in front of an infinite plane; an infinitely thin stripline in line with two semi-infinite thin planes; a circular cylinder in front of an infinite plane; two parallel cylinders with different radii.
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/01/04


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