Critical success factors in project management (dissertation)

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    The process of successful project implementation is an increasing challenge for managers. The project implementation process is complex, usually requiring simultaneous attention to a wide variety of human, budgetary and technical variables. Especially in the Unit States some empirical research has already been done on this subject. But can these results be transformed to European conditions? Are these findings valid for the Austrian machinery and metal working industry? Based on theoretical and empirical studies this thesis deduces *How the 'success' of a project can be determined. *Which are the most important success factors in project management. *Which recommendations can be given to experts to get better results in future projects. This thesis presents a model of 14 factors, which are the key factors for successful project management. It allows the project manager and the team members not only to identify but also to concentrate on the critical success factors. The recommendations help them to improve the effectiveness of their activities
    Effective start/end date1/01/8731/01/91


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