Deployment of a General Applicable Tool for Process Improvement based on Six Sigma (dissertation)

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    Based on the method Six Sigma, essential characteristics and minimum requirements to a general applicable tool for process improvement shall be defined. These are to be compared with some of the most successful quality initiatives and efficiency improving programs, like Business Reengineering, Total Quality Management, Continuous Improvement Process or ISO 9000:2000. Derived from this comparison, a model of ideal characteristics and general conditions for improvement programs has to be deployed. Proceeding from this model, it will be analysed, if adoptions to different problem complexes and prerequisites are necessary. Especially the differences between American und European culture, production and transactual processes, mass and single piece production as well as trusts and small companies shall be taken into consideration. At last a system of metrics is to be deployed, which can be used to control the progress of the improvement program. This system of metrics shall include both, monetary and non financial aspects, building a Balanced Scorecard for improvement programs.
    Effective start/end date1/01/0131/07/15


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