Development of a computerized materials selection system

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To solve technical problems there are about 60,000-80,000 materials available, which can be applicated by engineers. This large quantity of materials causes immense material data which can not be handled in traditional ways with tables, books or data sheets. That´s why engineers use only few materials to keep material data within surveyable limits. A study done by the Technical University Graz has shown, that materials selection plays a minor role in the field of mechanical design. Designers and engineers reason with a lack of time or economic needs but contrary to that fact materials specialists spend a lot of time to solve problems caused by wrong selected materials. The rapid development of computer hardware and information technologies has opened new ways, which allow a quick and easy access to large quantities of data. The use of these technologies in the field of materials, especially in the area of materials selection, can offer new, innovative solutions. First approaches were done in building material databases. But till now the functionality of commercial material databases in materials selection is limited and they are not really established in practical use. Based on this facts a more intensed study of materials selection methods was demanded to develop approaches which allow a "seamless" integration of computer technology and materials selection
Effective start/end date1/12/9531/12/97


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