DT02_LEC - Predictive Condition Analytics of Bearings and Lubricants for Large Engines

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At the heart of the engine, sliding bearings play an important role as interfaces between parts that are subject to relative movement such as crankcase/crankshaft or crankshaft/conrod. In this context, the lubrication system must also be considered as an integral part of the overall bearing system. By employing real-time measurement equipment in combination with sophisticated modeling approaches, condition monitoring of the overall engine bearing system can be a valuable tool to avoid engine damage and to enhance durability. Within the project DT02, a new generation of sliding bearings with an integrated sensor system will be developed and enhanced. With this measurement system, the target is to obtain a deeper understanding of bearing and lubricant behavior. Furthermore, the gained knowledge will be applied to contribute to the development of strategies towards condition monitoring (CM), condition-based maintenance (CBM) and smart controls with regard to the bearing system and the overall engine.
Effective start/end date1/01/1930/06/22


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