eRamp - Excellence in Speed and Reliability for More than Moore Technologies

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eRamp, an ENIAC project, is focusing on the rapid introduction and research activities of new production technologies and further exploration of chip packaging technologies for power semiconductors. The goal is to have fast access to reliable prototypes of electronic devices as well as competitive advanced manufacturing of such devices made in Europe. The project partners are investigating and developing new methods for speeding up the start of the production runs for More than Moore (MtM) technologies. New simulations methods and verification technologies are thus essential to enable high performance and high speed designs to support the ramp up of MtM products. In the course of eRamp, CISC and TU Graz are developing a new simulation environment (SHARC), to speed-up the development and verification of microelectronic embedded systems. With the help of novel methodologies, based on standardized technologies (UML, UVM, SystemC), thousands of different monte-carlo simulations tasks are distributed and parallelized in a cloud-based infrastructure. This enables a virtually linear speed-up in testing reliable system.
Effective start/end date1/01/1531/03/17


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