ERB - Demand modelling and cost-benefit analysis

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For the cross-border region of the urbanized region of Salzburg and South-East Bavaria an overall transport strategy for public rail-based transport will be developed and evaluated. In addition to the Salzburg Central Region, the study area of the project extends into the two German counties Berchtesgaden and Traunstein. First, a multi-modal travel demand model for the forecast period is established. Subsequently, the effects of additional rail supply on the modal split and demand of public transport are studied in detail and assessed economically. The project is carried out together with the PTV Transport Consult GmbH Karlsruhe. The ISV adapts the existing transport model VERMOSA on current travel demand based on Salzburg´s household survey of 2012 and predictions on future population developments.
Effective start/end date13/01/1415/01/15


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