EU - ANTICO 5.RP EU - Demonstration of Increased Yield and Productivity in Selected Commercial Organisms by Strategic Transformation of Key Genes from Aspergillus Niger

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This programme will demonstrate that the transfer of specific genes from an Aspergillums Niger strain, which produces citric acid with close to theoretical efficiency, into other commercial micro-organisms will enhance the pool of precursors in those organisms and lead to increased yield and production rates for their end products. The two key enzymes, pike and axle, lead to increased glycol tic flux and the uncoupling of respiration from ATP production respectively, which, together with high glucose levels, will lead to increased metabolic fluxes and steady state levels of intermediates. Such a demonstration of high yield and productivity will then be transferred directly to the production strains of European manufacturers.
Effective start/end date1/02/0330/09/05


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