EU - BPT - Continuous Biopretreatment of Cellulosic Fibres

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In this project a sustainable technology will be developed for the continuous open-width pretreatment of cellulosic fibres by means of enzymatic scouring and bleaching. Enzymes systems will be developed in order to realize the bio-scouring and biobleaching. Equipment will be the development of the enzyme systems for bioscouring and biobleaching, the development of batch processes for bioscouring and bioleaching and the realization of the continuous open-width bio-pre-treatment process. The biopretreatment process will lead to a decrease in the use of water, chemicals and energy by 50-80%, contributing to the competitiveness of the European textile industry. By lower processing temperatures and the absence of hazardous chemicals, the working conditions in the textile industry will greatly improve.
Effective start/end date1/02/0030/09/04


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