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Chemical Bioanalysis aims for retrieving selective information out of complex biological systems. Sensors, probes and devices are the future tools of medicinal diagnostics, environmental monitoring, food analysis and molecular biology. The ITN CHEBANA provides interdisciplinary research training for early stage and experienced researchers and focuses on the most important techniques in the field. These are based on fluorescence, electrochemistry and mass spectrometry. Eleven excellently qualified academic partners (with well documented expertise) along with one of Europes leading industrial companies in the diagnostic area will provide a network of research activities, short courses and classes that are complemented by skill training and career development events. In fact, we believe that we have unified Europe's leading experts in these fields, many of which outperform their American and other colleagues. Moreover, joint research projects between the partners build the foundation of the training network. The research activities are divided into four overlapping areas: * sensor development for the detection of small analytes, * monitoring of biomolecular interactions, * analysis of cellular function, and * development of diagnostic tools. Interdisciplinary expertise and specialized techniques are mandatory in order to accomplish these challenges, and this cannot be provided at a single institution at the required level. Therefore, a European hub for research and training in the fast developing field of Chemical Bioanalysis is assembled by co-supervised PhD theses, postdoctoral training, workshops and summer schools bringing together the individual expertise of the partners from academia and industry.
Effective start/end date1/11/1031/10/14


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