EU - Equal-Life - Early Environmental quality and life-course mental health effects

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In Equal-Life various levels of disease development are linked to indicators using exposure, biomarkers and health endpoints (focus: cognitive and psychological development and health) to form an integrated model. TU Graz contributes to model the interaction of environment, traffic and health with comprehensive data of the BBT children's study, in which data from 8-10 year old students (traffic exposure, environmental / living situation, school performance / behavior, diseases) and retrospective cohort Information (pregnancy, perinatal, postnatal) can be linked from the mother-child passport. Traffic noise will be classified by different sources (motorway, local roads and railways) noise. Traffic related impact will be modelled with classic (Lden, Lnight) and alternative (fluctuation, emergence, intermittency ratio) noise indicators, air pollution and environmental variables (general soundscape, residential area, house type, green space) are included as objective data. At the level of subjective annoyance will be captured caused by traffic with special attention to noise, vibrations and air pollution. In addition, sleep disorders and the assessment of the living environment are taken into account. In a second part, the effects of traffic loads on older children in alpine valley / hill areas of Styria on the subjective and objective (EEG, circulation) sleep quality in the current living situation will be examined.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/23


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