EU - LIBERAL - Lithium Battery Evaluation and Research - Accelerated Life Test Direction

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To develop and validate, on test benches, accelerated life test procedures of lithium batteries for vehicle propulsion and high energy storage applications. To deliver accurate and cost effective testing processes that will predict the full 10+ year life of the battery system using a test period of typically 6 months. The work will follow a structured approach, firstly of theoretical examination of ageing and stress mechanisms plus examination of vehicle/stationary operational duties. The procedures will then be developed followed by their validation on the bench, using a range of battery samples from various suppliers. Finally the tested samples will be analysed by the suppliers. The accelerated test data obtained will then be compared with longer life information from other sources. This work will provide an essential design tool for the exploitation of lithium battery technology into the vehicle & stationary power industries.
Effective start/end date1/11/0231/07/06


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