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Since technology and renewal of the vehicle fleet do not lower the level of pollutant emissions or improving air quality fast enough, uCARe develops specific, simple and effective measures targeted at users to further reduce pollutant emissions. These measures are based on the aggregation of scattered high quality data already collected by the consortium, supplemented with results of additional measurement campaigns, and knowledge on the behavior and underlying motivation of users. uCARe sets the following objectives: - To identify all user-influenced emission aspects (such as driving behavior and component choice) and the reduction potential of these aspects. The reduction potential is determined with an in uCARe developed emission model - A toolset consisting of the emission model as well as measures to reduce emissions. This toolset forms the basis for intervention strategies, in which measures are translated to desired behavior. The tools are made available in such a way that they can easily be used by stakeholders (such as cities and consumer organizations) outside of the project. Through this, anybody can set up local initiatives at limited cost. - The deployment of awareness campaigns and pilot projects via (already committed) stakeholders, tuned towards specific users and their motivation, to show that proposed measures are effective and feasible. - An impact assessment of user-related reduction measures, accompanied with technical evidence and options to improve pollutant emission legislation and policy. uCARe aims to be complete in the coverage of user-related emissions aspects and types of pollutants. By also implementing, monitoring and evaluating proposed measures, uCARe ensures that these are the most effective. When these effective reduction measures are implemented, pollutant emissions reductions for an individual vehicle as high as 50% are envisaged.
Effective start/end date1/05/1930/04/22


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