EU - VITES - Virtual Testing for Extended Vehicle Passive Safety

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To enhance passive safety for a wide range of conditions thus leading to a reduction of injury numbers. A validated virtual test procedure will be developed including frontal and lateral impacts as well as intermediate impact directions for a range of impact velocities as well as occupant body sizes and body positions. To gain efficiency in vehicle design thus leading to a reduction in the duration and costs of the design process. New procedures and guidelines for model development, validation and application will be developed including a method to predict scatter in crash test results. These procedures will enhance reliability of virtual testing and improve the quality of methods and products These objectives are vital for European Road Vehicle Safety Policy. The focus of the project is on passenger car occupant protection in frontal and side impact collisions as well as intermediate impact directions. The methods developed will, in a more general sense, enhance our capability to address safety for other accident scenarios such as roll over and rearward loading and the protection of vulnerable road users such as pedestrians.
Effective start/end date1/02/0130/04/04


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