FE Modelling of Intravascular Stents

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    The goal of the project is the investigation of stents as well as stent-artery interaction using the finite element method. The application of stent implants at the site of stenotic arteries (often in combination with balloon angioplasty) is an attractive and minimal invasive treatment. Appropriate numerical models have to be set up in order to (approximately) solve the appearing highly complex boundary value problems. A reliable numerical model of stenting has the capability to optimize the stent-design as well as the clinical treatment itself. The present cooperation focuses on the calculation of the determining mechanical properties, like stress, strain, etc. in order to define `mechanical compatible stents´. This shows to be important for avoiding the pathological changes of the arterial tissue due to the change of the mechanical environment based on stenting.
    Effective start/end date3/03/0131/03/02


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