Force and Torque in Single Phase Two Pole Induction Motors with Eccentric Rotor - An Attempt to Include Slot Effects Due to Eccentricity

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Induction motors unavoidably have a small air gap which is the origin of the sensitivity of such machines to slot effects. Usually in a machine with a centric positioned rotor, these effects are taken into account by enlarging the mechanical air gap by a slotting factor (Carter factor). However, this enlarged air gap is also used in the calculation of forces in the analytical description of effects caused by eccentrically positioned rotors. As is known this Carter factor depends upon the relation between air gap and slot opening. The movement of the rotor in eccentric position causes the air gap to vary along the circumference of the rotor. Thus the Carter factor is also different along the circumference of the Rotor. The goal is to include this effect in the calculation procedure for eccentricity force and in the calculation of the driving torque produced in this case. not assigned KP: Partner aus der Industrie (anonym)
Effective start/end date1/05/9931/12/10


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