FWF - ISOTEC_SENSPHYS - Physics of Organic (Opto)electronics - Based Sensor Devices

  • List-Kratochvil, Emil (Principal Investigator (PI))

Project: Research project

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ISOTEC deals with new organic semiconductors and their application in opto-electronic components and sensors. The planning status for the setup of a nanotechnology centre for organic/inorganic opto-electronic and functionalised materials in Weiz (NanoTecCenter Weiz) was recently finished and the next step of actually constructing the research building is underway. At the moment, research is being done in the Graz University of Technology laboratories, the Joanneum Research Centers and at the partner institutes.

Focal research areas include:

* Characterisation of organic/inorganic materials, combinations of materials and components (metrology)

* Pre-evaluation and development of new materials, combinations of materials and innovative methods with regard to their use in industrial applications (complex materials and methods)

* Intelligent organic sensors including the elaboration of an innovative range of products with a high level of added value (organic sensor technology)

Creation of a pilot line for the production of opto-electronic components and sensors with the emphasis on organic materials (production)
Effective start/end date1/02/051/02/07


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