FWF - Kreuzkupplung - Stereospecific Cross-Coupling of Secondary sp3-Electrophiles

  • Trobe, Melanie (Co-Investigator (CoI))

Project: Research project

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Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions are the most straightforward and general method for carbon-carbon bond formation. The only exception to the claim of universality is the coupling of secondary sp3-hybridized electrophiles. In this proposal an innovative method concerning this problem is outlined. By varying the substructure of established BUCHWALD biarylphosphine ligands, the resulting electron-rich catalysts might be suitable for the oxidative addition of sterically hindered secondary sp3-electrophiles. For proof of concept two natural products will be synthesized with the newly developed methodology integrated.
Effective start/end date1/09/1931/08/20


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