FWF - Lise Meitner - Coupled Numerical Analysis of Electrical Engineering Devices

  • Panteliat, Mykhailo (Co-Investigator (CoI))

Project: Research project

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The design of electrical machines and other electrical engineering devices (transformers, induction heaters, various actuators, electrophysical apparatuses, etc.) presents one of the most challenging applied tasks since many different phenomena and their interaction have to be considered. Developing modern, effective and cheap design necessitates complex investigations of various physical processes and effects in the device under consideration taking into account their complicated interaction. Such research works can be done by means of relatively cheap computer simulation (in other words: "numerical analysis" or "computer modeling") instead of expensive full-scale experiments. The final goal of applied research is to determine the optimal structural and operational conditions and parameters of the equipment to be designed. Therefore, a reliable numerical simulation of electrical machines, devices and apparatuses - enable to tackle all aspects of the multiphysical approach as well as fabrication, design and material tolerances - is desirable and even mandatory in the frame of the design procedure. The operation principle of electrical machines and other electrical engineering devices is based on electrical and magnetic fields as well as heating and the forces resulting from those fields. Thus, in the process of designing an electrical machine or another electrical engineering device, one has to deal with electromagnetics, temperature distributions, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and their often complex interaction. These issues are described by the term "multiphysical" used in the project. Multiphysical numerical analysis of electrical engineering devices should be based on the results of intensive pure research aimed at a valuable contribution to the development of modern theoretical principles and fundamentals of applied investigations in the field. The necessity to design and, therefore, simulate new types of innovative electrical engineering devices working on the basis of new physical principles requires a complex of pure research works. These include improving the existing classification of multiphysical coupled processes, determining the most important phenomena and effects of various physical natures to be taken into account during coupled numerical simulation, developing generalized algorithms and flow charts for coupled thermal-electromagnetic numerical analysis, improving the theoretical basics of the numerical aspects of coupled numerical simulation as well as proposing a list of operational and structural parameters to be recommended from a practical point of view resulting from the numerical simulations. The solution of these fundamental tasks represents the main goal of the proposed project.
Effective start/end date1/09/1031/08/12


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