FWF - Non-standard architecture - Translational Projekt Non-standard Architektur mit Ornamenten und planaren Elementen

Project: Research project

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Computer aided fabrication has led to a new discussion about the notion of standards in architecture, and the possibility of bringing mass customization methods into the building process. But it has also led to a renewed interest in architectural geometry. As many of the nonstandard buildings currently making use of computer aided fabrication methods are characterized by a formal vocabulary of free forms, double curved surfaces and the like, and as these geometries are notoriously difficult to build efficiently, the new digital fabrication methods require advanced research in geometry. This project addresses this need. Its innovative aspect lies in the way it uses geometric ornamentation as a method to control the construction of double curved free-form surfaces out of planar building elements.
Effective start/end date1/10/0930/04/12


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