GNSS and LORAN-C in Road and Rail Applications (GLORIA)

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    GLORIA aims at improving the market penetration of GNSS by combining it with the existing terrestrial LORAN-C position determination system. This combination will improve the reliability and availability of the position determination and open the door to new applications and to major improvements in application designs for road and rail transport. For this, GLORIA will test the range of applicability and system performance of the combined system under typical situations of road and rail applications. GLORIA will also develop and optimise receivers combining GNSS with LORAN-C and using the complementary attributes of both approaches. Furthermore, it will identify market opportunities, assess the potential and develop implementation stategies for the most promising applications, with special emphasis on safety critical applications. Finally, GLORIA will investigate possible improvements of the GALILEO system implementation mainly considering best benefits resulting from combinations with terrestrial position determination. Thus GLORIA will be a major contribution to overcome technical limitations of GNSS based services for the European citizen in land-mobile applications.
    Effective start/end date1/09/0031/01/03


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