GRESY - GNSS Controlled Rescue Systems for UAVs

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Initial situation: "GNSS Controlled Rescue System for Drones is aiming at the steadily expanding market for predominantly commercially used drones. Although there are countless providers of drones, we have discovered a large gap in the market: safety. This refers to personal safety as well as protection against property damage. However, none of these companies offer a fully autonomous and intelligent rescue system, as we have in mind. Our motivation for doing so arose through personal losses of our commercially used drones, which entailed a significant material and financial loss on our part. This experience is well known by most of the users of commercial drones. Very little attention is devoted to the problem that multicopters are immediately crashing without active drive. Our goal is the development of a fully autonomous steerable rescue system, with a parachute for operators and manufacturers of multicopters that can be installed with no structural modifications to the aircraft. Due to the completely independent electronics, the multicopter will be brought safely to the ground in case of emergency. This rescue system is quickly reusable, safer and smarter than the competing products. The GNSS related issues are very important for our solution because of using these data we can develop a Flight Path Recording System, a Flight Termination System, and we can code a Non Landing Zone. Our objective is to accomplish the determined testing phases of the software and electronics, which is further developed within the scope of this research and development project, before market launch. Our fully automated, reusable, intelligent solution, which is compatible with different drone manufacturers, distinguishes our drone safety system from the competition. Throughout the product development of Drone Rescue System, which started in 2014, we have gained a lot of experience by rescuing unmanned aerial vehicles with a weight of up to 15 kilograms. After already finalising the freedom-to-operate-analyses, we are about to complete our patent application.
Effective start/end date1/04/1730/09/18


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