IEA-SHC Task 26, Solar Combisystems

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International Research Program within the International Energy (IEA) Solar Heating and Cooling Implementing Agreement, Task 26. Solar combisystems provide hot tap water as well as space heating water. System survey, simulation tools and a standardised test procedure are the necessary infrastructure for understanding and supporting the growing market of solar combisystems. Simulation gives insight into the thermal behaviour of solar combisystems, which is needed for development, and also for designing and sizing such systems. A standardised test procedure will allow for the rating of solar combisystems under standardised conditions for testing and for performance prediction. This will lead to greater confidence of the end user in this technology. The development and optimisation of system technique by an international group of researchers and practitioners collect international expert knowledge in this field and can lead to innovative system technology for solar combisystems. This should result in systems with better performance-cost ratings. The co-operation of researchers, test engineers and practitioners allows for an excellent exchange of information and experience on an international level. Solar industry should be implied in all activities in order to accelerate dissemination of results. It is also of great importance that the collected knowledge can be used at all levels, and a proposed Solar Combisystem Handbook on CD-ROM is one way of achieving that.
Effective start/end date1/01/9931/10/04


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