InnoGasClean - InnoGasClean - [Original in Deutsch: Innovative Gasreinigungsverfahren bei der Biomassevergasung]

Project: Research project

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The objective of this project is to optimize the gas cleaning of synthesis gas derived from thermochemical gasification-processes. In the project, on the one hand, the "state of the art" method of RME-gas washing is going to be optimized with regard to simpler system engineering and reduced operating costs. On the other hand, a novel catalytic moderatetemperature gas-cleaning-method, which was developed within the FFG project "DistributedSNG" is going to be developed to project-maturity. The corresponding research work will be carried out in the laboratory, as well as in an existing industrial-plant (CHP-plant Oberwart) which guarantees a direct implementation of the lab results. The projects results will show a clear solution concerning the process-step of gas-cleaning. At the moment, especially the associated high investment and operating costs are hindering the market implementation of gasification technologies. So the expected results constitute a helpful and important contribution for the whole community working on thermal gasification.
Effective start/end date23/03/1329/02/16


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