Kan-Funk - Examination, evaluation and guaranty of the operability of sewerage plants in Austria (Kan Funk I)

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The main part of the development in sewerage systems in Austria is finished as far as possible. Now the preservation of the operability of the systems moves into the foreground. The principal purpose of the project are the production of reference projects, the consciousness-shaping for the preservation of value of sewerage systems and the production of a manual for channel maintenance. By intensive co-operation of all participants of the settlement drainage (operator, authorities, civil engineers, Universities, interest representative, service companies) measures and strategies for a long-term safety device of the operability are to be compiled by sewerage plants. These measures and strategies should correspond to the state of the art and for municipalities in financial, technical and organizational form practicable. not assigned KP: Reinhaltungsverband Pößnitz-Saggautal (Gemeinde Arnfels) not assigned GG: Siedlungswasserwirtschaft des Landes Steiermark
Effective start/end date4/02/041/01/06


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