LeNuWas - Digital Learning Nuggets for Knowledge Transfer on Worker Assistance Systems

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The proposed project “Digital Learning Nuggets for Knowledge Transfer on Worker Assistance Systems” is aiming at shopfloor managers and workers and follows the main goal to create the needed competencies to identify the need for worker assistance systems as well as to implement and work with them. The general content of this project is the creation of learning nuggets for companies and training centers interested in training participants on the topic of digital worker assistance on the EIT learning platform. Worker assistance systems are defined as support systems which are of physical or cognitive assistance for human operators in a production environment. Worker assistance systems not only have the opportunity to lower the cycle time, to reduce the mean time to repair (MTTR), to improve a product's quality, but most importantly also to increase the employee satisfaction as well as their performance motivation. Regarding socially sustainable manufacturing, worker assistance systems give workers the possibility to increase the cognitive attention span, focus on task-related topics as well as to reduce physical fatigue. The learning nuggets created in a first learning path will help shopfloor managers to get an overview on currently existing worker assistance systems for perception, decision-making and execution tasks, helps them to identify promising application possibilities in the production process and offers implementation strategies for a self-reliant introduction of assistance systems. Especially implementation strategies are very important if chosen assistance systems collect user information, as aspects of data privacy have to be considered. A second learning path will include learning nuggets that are intended to elucidate employees on the topic of worker assistance systems to increase their acceptance. These nuggets will focus on the support of assistance systems for workers and their benefits in order to dispel possible fears of being replaced.
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/22


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