Mehr als Wohnen 4.0 - With the implementation of pilot projects on the way to the housing model model region of Austria

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In view of different demographic signs, the demand for residential land and commercial space within Upper Styria East varies greatly. Except for the detached house with garden is today the most common building in the region. Classic housing market offers at comparatively cheap building land prices meet the desire of many young families for a house with a garden. Even though some cities already offer a more differentiated housing offer, in most cases innovative forms of housing are still lacking for today's changing demands (for example senior citizen housing, building communities, communal living arrangements). The mutual strengths of the center, the surrounding area and the periphery must be used to offer people of all ages an ideal combination of living, working and living according to their individual wishes. Due to globalization, a new diversity of life concepts, the dissolution of many social conventions and demographic change, living spaces must now be able to represent a very wide range of uses. The project therefore aims to develop comparable living conditions throughout the region, while at the same time developing the general trends such as young living, single and Multi-generational living, smart home, urban gardening, to consider.
Effective start/end date4/12/1831/12/19


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