MHI Creep Strength Estimation - Development of a creep strength estimation method based on microstructural simulation in mod.9Cr-1Mo steels

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The major objective of this research is to develop a creep strength estimation method for base metal and weldment in mod.9Cr-1Mo martensitic (ASME Gr.91) steels. With this method, it is possible to estimate the creep strength of the material during the creep exposure. This project is the continuation and based on the already established precipitation simulation for the FGHAZ. The tempered martensitic microstructure with M23C6 precipitates cover the prior austenitic grain boundaries, packet, block and lath boundaries, while fine MX type carbon-nitrides are distributed throughout the matrix. The strength of these materials strongly relies on these precipitates helping to pin the boundaries, to hinder the dislocation motion (recovery effects) and thus stabilize the substruc-ture.
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/03/17


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