Microwave Assisted Sample Preparation - Development of Closed Vessel and Flow Systems for Sample Digestion, Equipments for Sample Drying, Liquid Evaporation and Solvent Extraction

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The development and improvement of methods and equipment for sample preparation are the main topics. 1.) A novel system for microwave assisted sample digestion or leaching in closed vessels at 80 bar and temperatures up to 300 °C has been developed. The unique part of this equipment is the simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperature in all digestion vessels, which enables best analytical results and quality control. 2.) A microwave assisted flow digestion system for automated online analysis of trace elements is in development. A new pressure equilibration technique allows the oxidation of organic sample matrix in Teflon tubing with pure nitric acid at 40 bar and 250 °C. 3.) For organic and speciation analysis microwave assisted methods for solvent extraction have been developed. Extremely short extraction times in the range of a few minutes are the advantage of this instrumental technique.
Effective start/end date1/01/95 → …


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