NanoGeCo - Nanoparticle generation by atomization processes in spray coating

Project: Research project

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In this joint transnational research project, detailed investigations on the generation of nanoparticles by atomization processes in spray coating will be carried out. Different paint materials both with and without manufactured nanomaterials (MNMs), such as organic and inorganic pigments as well as spray guns and industrial spray cans will be used. By carefully sampling the non-volatile fraction of paint aerosols, experimental studies (e.g., determination of the particle size distribution and concentration in the paint overspray – nano and sub-micron size) using different aerosol measuring techniques, and analyses of the chemical substances in the paint aerosol will be performed. Numerical simulations of droplet evaporation and trajectory will improve the characterization of paint aerosol. Toxicological studies using a whole body exposure model will be carried out to evaluate the potential risk of human exposure.
Effective start/end date1/01/1531/03/18


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