PCB surface coatings - Evaluation of PCB surface coatings & Connector field modeling

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Many methods are used for EMI control. Out of them, most of them have been studied in depth. A promising method is the use of thin sheet absorber materials, e.g., placed on ICs, in the enclosure or onto the PCB. Here the present method is based on try and error methods. A prediction using numerical methods or guide lines still has to be developed. A core problem is not knowing the field structures at many sources and not knowing the material properties well enough. It is not known if the materials are changed due to the processing, nor if the materials are isotropic. This delays decisions of the application of such materials to a point where hardware can be measured in EMC chambers, no good prediction is yet possible. Goal is to derive material parameter data that allows to predict the effect in EMC applications.
Effective start/end date1/07/2131/05/22


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