Polymers based on poly-oxazolines as functional coatings and biocidal additives

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(i) Toolbox of polymer-based antireflective coatings with high antireflective properties, fast and reproducible crosslinking, and removability by defined etching and/or plasma processes. (ii) The intellectual property regarding the novel antireflective coating formulations will be assured by filing the corresponding patent. (iii) Compilation of data for the properties of SiC and GaN surfaces and the priming processes required for optimum performance in coating applications. (iv) Correlation of the (co-)polymer composition and structure with their antimicrobial activity, enabling for the predictability of the antimicrobial activity of novel (co-)polymers. (v) The intellectual property regarding novel contact biocides will be assured by filing the corresponding patent. (vi) Scale-up of (co-)polymer synthesis under microwave irradiation. Processing of value-added polymers (commodity polymers with additives of antimicrobially active polymers) in larger-scale quantity. (vii) Correlation of anchoring (type of attachment of the biocidal polymers to the surfaces) and long-term stability.
Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/16


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