ProdPlanSFZKF - Production planning special vehicles Knittelfeld

Project: Research project

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The project was launched due to the expansion special purpose vehicle fleet by 100 special purpose vehicles (high performance maintenance vehicles and rescue trains) in the near future. Due to the growing fleet and the new type of special vehicles, the requirements for the maintenance center in Knittelfeld will change in the future. For this reason, the current hall layout will have to be redesigned and replanned. Among other things, the layout planning of the future hall is to be carried out in this project. Furthermore, a "maintenance lighthouse project" is also to be created, which is supposed to enable future-oriented maintenance. In addition, the adaptability and modularity of the workplaces to be redesigned in the future hall layout will also be considered. In order to achieve these goals, three work packages will be completed as parts of the project (as-is analysis, rough layout planning, detailed layout planning). In addition, a technology screening on possible novel maintenance concepts (digitalization of work stands & equipment, etc.) will also be conducted. There will be a close cooperation for the completion of all points. This includes on-site visits, workshops, and regular checkpoints. The desired result of the project is a future fine layout of the hall at the Knittelfeld site that meets the new requirements, as well as a new maintenance concept. The entire project is carried out in the context of a master thesis and parts of the project in a bachelor thesis. Thereby a scientific consideration of the topics shall take place.
Effective start/end date28/12/2230/06/23


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