Quality Aspects in Company-Energy-Management

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    The combination of the industrial energy management with the quality management has the aim to identify on the basis of the modifications in the energetic surrounding field, qualitative aspects and to represent their meaning and organization possibilities. This combination is based on five qualitative aspects, which concern price-benefit and process-referred aspect, Stakeholder-orientation, the continuous improvement and the integration of management systems. For the representation of the price-benefit-aspect related to customers, the quality criteria are split up in three categories: product-, service quality and quality criteria of the business relation. Furthermore the quality criteria are assigned to different contracts of market users. According to this knowledge, a proceeding model is developed for supplier determining, which enables a gradual evaluation by means of base and performance requirements due to the energetic procurement strategy. The presented quality techniques for the analysis of the product and process quality up to the formation of core competence as well as for minimizing the risk and continuous improvement can be used as additional support.
    Effective start/end date1/01/9831/01/01


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