RMB-RecoverMetBinder - Valuable metal recovery and binder provision from the electric furnace route as a contribution to cross-sector circular economy

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The CO2 and energy-intensive iron and steel and building materials industries play a central role on the way to a resource-saving and efficient circular economy. The cross-sector recycling of bottom ash in a targeted combination with other secondary raw materials for the recovery of valuable metals and the development of low-CO2 binder components makes a significant contribution to decarbonization and climate neutrality. The aim of the present project is to make slag from steel production using electric arc furnaces usable through suitable treatment steps on the one hand as a metallic secondary raw material and on the other hand as a mineral cement additive. For this purpose, the necessary procedural and metallurgical basics, the recovery rates of the metals and the targeted "activation" of the mineral content are being researched.
Effective start/end date1/02/2331/07/24


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