Secondary Drive - Battery electric vehicles

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In battery electric vehicles the architecture of the all-wheel driveline has an electric drive unit (EDU) at each axle. One EDU is the primary drive which is in operation during all driving situations while the second EDU called secondary drive system is only in operation for boost functionality and in situations with high driving dynamics requirements. The secondary drive unit shows comparable requirements in terms of power, speed, and torque as the primary drive unit but experiences a considerably reduced operating time In course of this PhD-work, conducted at the power electronic systems group at EAM Institute, Graz University of Technology, alternative inverter concepts for secondary e-drive systems will be investigated and new concepts developed and optimized which are able to fulfill the challenging secondary drive requirements on performance and costs. A holistic approach shall be applied where all components starting from HV-cable to the motor are considered in order to find un optimal solution.
Effective start/end date1/02/231/02/26


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