Smart Safety - Personal safety as an essential requirement for Smart Systems and distributed energy systems

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Smart systems and distributed energy systems are a way to implement decentralized renewable electricity savings and thus to reduce CO2. Smart systems and distributed energy systems are currently not widely used in practice. These systems basically offer the possibility of a self-sufficient and independent power supply, if it is ensured that the legal requirements (Elektrotechnikgesetz 1992), regulations (Elektrotechnikverordung) and standards (eg ÖVE-B1 / 1976, ÖVE / ÖNORM E8383,) are met become. Therefore, there is a need for research on the feasibility and implementation of such networks. Personal safety is the basic requirement for smart systems and distributed energy systems in order to operate them at all. New technologies and operating modes used in this process mean that the protection devices currently used in the networks can not be used at all or only to a very limited extent. However, safety considerations with regard to the risk of personal injury have not yet been implemented in any of these network forms, especially in the legally prescribed TN networks. Without appropriate security measures, operation of these networks is prohibited. However, using new and innovative techniques can restore and ensure security in these networks. This requires investigations and, if necessary, laboratory tests for innovative equipment, monitoring equipment as well as the interaction of communication equipment and plant components. This technical feasibility study examines the previously unsound personal safety with resulting risk to persons and the inadequate protection of the system in Smart Systems and distributed energy systems both analytically and with the aid of a proven analog network model. Solutions are shown with regard to the achievement of the necessary switch-off currents.
Effective start/end date1/05/0930/04/11


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