Stove Testing Device

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In Austria as well as in the EC the latest legislation for small firings provides a standardized testing procedure for new ovens, stoves and hearths. At the Institute for Apparatus Design, Particle Technology and Combustion Technology a stove testing device according to DIN 18880 was built. The testing device and its measuring equipment is a proper device to prove which modifications of small firing systems will lead to the expected results. So it is useful for developing new firing systems as well as for improving well-tried systems. Due to the measuring equipment at the institute, we are capable of measuring * the temperature inside the furnace * the temperature of the flue gas * the flow rate of the flue gas * the concentration of CO2, CO, O2, NOx, etc. * and the draught (pressure). By means of injecting compressed air into the flue gas, the draught can be either increased or limited by a butterfly valve. So it is guaranteed that the draught remains constant during measurement.
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/01/00


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