SuPReme - Twinning for knowledge transfer in integrating energy technologies

Project: Research project

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Twinning for knowledge transfer in integrating energy technologies to create a long-lasting and effective partnership that will have a very significant impact on Polands energy systems infrastructure. Specific Objectives To understand Polands unique energy requirements and develop a technical transition plan coherent with EU and national guidelines and targets. To create sets of technical scenarios (algorithms, specifications, and work schemes) optimised with respect to the management of production and consumption of different energy forms (electricity, heat, cold, fuels) in energy systems able to be easily customised for flexible local or regional development within Poland. To transfer all needed necessary knowledge for IMP-PAN to be able to lead Poland in energy system integration techniques and to greatly enhance the research capacity of IMP-PAN and its staff. To develop close, long-term relationships with SUPREME partners. To develop a Europe-wide network of relationships with key research groups and stakeholders in the field of energy systems integration to address networking gaps and deficiencies between the research institutions of the low performing Member States (Poland) and internationally-leading counterparts at the EU level.
Effective start/end date1/11/1531/10/18


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