Technical specifications for implementation of CLC+ based on the EAGLE concept

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Corine Landcover+ (CLC+) represents a fundamental change in pan-European land cover mapping from that which has become established over more than 25 years. This change is taking place in the context of an expanding portfolio of Copernicus Land Monitoring services (CLMS) and products. To migrate towards a harmonized European land monitoring concept rather than just produce yet another, at best, only partially aligned product, it is vital that the CLC+ concept and associated specifications are developed within a well-defined strategy to provide improved efficiency and consistency of land monitoring and also to support future expansion of the CLMS portfolio. So it has identified the need to harmonize and integrate some of the CLMS activities and has decided to investigate the technical specifications for a 2nd generation CLC currently referred to as CLC+. Now requires the design strategy and technical specifications for the CLC+ which should meet the current and future requirements for European land cover / land use (LC/LU) monitoring. It should build upon recent conceptual development and expertise, while still guaranteeing backwards compatibility with the original CLC datasets.
Effective start/end date30/06/1731/03/18


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