The Biodegradable Organic Carbon in Wastewater Engineering BTOC and BDOC as Alternative to BOD

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During the last years there are many reasons why the determination of COD has fallen into disrepute for being the standard dimension in quantifying the organic matter of wastewater. Therefore the COD should be replaced by the TOC. The present thesis makes an critical view at the existing TOC-standards, gives an overview of the state of art concerning TOC-measuring und describes the experiences of the author in dealing with TOC-analysers. Beside it a simple biochemical method for determining biodegradable organic carbon (dissolved - BDOC or total - BTOC) which is applicable to wastewater is proposed. The described method is based on the known methods for the determination of aerobic biodegradability of organic compounds in water. By knowing the biodegradable fraction of carbon in wastewater an adequate and more reliable alternative to BOD is existing as well.
Effective start/end date1/01/9530/09/97


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