TooLAM - Thermomechanical modelling of laser-assisted face milling process

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Modelling, design and optimization of the laser-assisted cutting process with respect to geometric boundary conditions such as target geometry, surface topography and current tool engagement conditions which includes the qualification of suitable process parameters for the laser-induced heat input and heat conduction with respect to the tool path, and target work piece geometries, the specific work piece material and its effective local plastification before cutting. The process model will enable the prediction of needed process parameters for different materials, operation modes and components geometries. This will reduce time consuming and ex-pensive testing periods. Such a model is highly desired by respective end users and will be helpful to optimize any laser-assisted cutting process such as milling and turning. The proper laser and cutting process parameters will be decisive for the achievable process efficiency and the realizable surface qualities as well as for the resulting geometrical limits of machinable structures. This involves thermo-mechanical simulation of the laser-assisted cutting process by means of thermal energy input and mechanical material shearing will be combined with specific work piece material modeling and enable the material-, process- and geometric-dependant optimization of machining operations.
Effective start/end date1/09/1031/08/13


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