TUGSAT-1 / BRITE-Austria (Phase 1) - Bright Target Exploarer - Austria Mission (BRITE-AUSTRIA)

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A nanosatellite to investigate the brightness oscillations of massive luminous stars by differential photometry was developed by an Austrian/Canadian team. The first Austrian satellite which is funded by the Austrian Space Program, called TUGSAT-1/ BRITE-Austria makes use of recent advances in miniaturized attitude determination and control systems. Precise three-axis stabilization by small reaction wheels and a star tracker provides the necessary accuracy for the photometer telescope to the arcminute level. This will provide astronomers with photometric data of unprecedented precision of massive luminous stars; data which cannot be obtained from the ground due to limitations imposed by the terrestrial atmosphere. The Spacecraft is developed by IKS as Prime Contractor in cooperation with the Spaceflight Lab of the University of Toronto, the University of Vienna and TU Vienna. It is to be launched in February 2013. The operational phase is foreseen for 2 years. The first phase has been concerned with the design, implementation, test and Space qualification of the spacecraft.
Effective start/end date1/03/0630/06/10


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