Wagenkastengelenk - FEM calculation of a railway vehicle body joint

  • Dutzler, Andreas (Co-Investigator (CoI))

Project: Research project

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The aim of the project "FEM calculation of a railway vehicle body joint" is the computational determination of the stiffness properties and the stress state of a railway vehicle body joint used in metros. For a multi-axial component test, the relationship between the multi-body simulation (MBS) signal of the external force / rotation values (4D load space) and the component displacements occurring is required. The determination is carried out by means of FEM calculations at discrete supporting points in the 4D load space and subsequent interpolation to the MBS signal. Finally, to shorten the component test, highly stressed local points must be identified and the stress curve has to be evaluated as a function of the MBS signal.
Effective start/end date23/04/1930/06/19


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