We3D - Wire-based additive manufacturing – materials and technologies – for 3D metal structures of the future

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Wire-based additive manufacturing (WAM) is a new technology that uses a layer-by-layer deposition of wire feedstock - without any tooling - enabling the production of large, geometrically complex 3D parts with part dimensions that cannot be achieved with current powder-bed AM technologies. WAM alloys must be designed for multi-pass procedures, being able to endure the inherent, inline heat input from each further layer deposition. It is a goal of We3D to optimize existing and develop novel light metal alloy wires (Aluminum and Titanium). These will be investigated at different levels and used for modification of semi-finished materials. These novel WAM-specific wires shall allow WAM parts with superior properties for aerospace, automotive and industrial applications. We3D targets new WAM solutions applied in harsh environments and under constrained positions. New sensors for arc-, weld seam and temperature monitoring will be developed and investigated in We3D, since molten metals are usually difficult to monitor for geometrical and temperature parameters. In addition, a database system will be set up for process, sensor and material data collection, data vs. error correlation, and inline repair control. Goal of We3D is to realize a system that paves the way for fully automated WAM in the future. We3D strives to take WAM and the consortium partners competences to a new level. This by innovative wire materials, process-, sensor-, control-technologies, validated software tools, and more economic applications in various high technology industries.
Effective start/end date1/03/2128/02/25


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