X4T1 - X4T1 - LEC - Measurements for the Evaluation of Ignition Models in the Framework of the K1 LEC EvoLET Project X4T1

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To develop spark ignition models and validate their underlying assumptions, it is helpful to conduct basic experiments on special ignition test rigs as well as to investigate real application scenarios on a single cylinder test engine. This project aims to design, construct and install ignition test rigs to examine the process of spark ignition and flame kernel development under several reproducible boundary conditions. To obtain the data required for validating the fundamental aspects and assumptions of spark ignition models, advanced measurement techniques are selected and applied. This data then serves as a basis for further model development. Measurements with and without combustion are then taken on the test rigs. The measurements without combustion are designed to verify and calibrate the arc physics model over a wide range of flow velocities, pressures and turbulent conditions in combination with various inert atmospheres. The measurements with combustion are designed to verify and calibrate the spark kernel model in relation to spark energy input. In this project, a high-temperature/high-pressure combustion chamber is adapted for ignition measurements with combustion. In addition, measurements of the ignition process are made on a single cylinder engine according to a measuring program that has been optimized for model verification. They can be made using an open chamber configuration as well as a pre-chamber configuration.
Effective start/end date1/03/1531/12/17


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