Comprehensive photophysical studies of polyfluorenes containing on-chain emissive defects

C. Gadermaier, L. Romaner, Thomas Piok, Emil List, B. Souharce, Ullrich Scherf, G. Cerullo, G. Lanzani

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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    CD-Laboratory for Advanced Functional Materials

    Blümel, A., Psutka, S., Klug, A., Fisslthaler, E., Mauthner, G., Sax, S., Plank, H., Gamerith, S., Werzer, O., Piok, T., Gaal, M., Gadermaier, C., Seppi, C., List-Kratochvil, E. & Scheiber, H.


    Project: Research project