Device and method for driving at least one capacitive actuator

Christian Hoffmann (Inventor), Hellmut Freudenberg (Inventor), Hartmut Gerken (Inventor), Georg Brasseur (Inventor), Richard Pirkl (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A device for driving at least one capacitive actuator (P), which comprises: a charging capacitor (C) disposed between the positive electrode (+V) and the negative electrode (GND) of a power source which can be recharged by an energy source (V) via a switch (X1); a serial circuit installed into parallel to the charging capacitor and comprising an encompassing coil (L) (which is connected to the switch (X1)) and a charging cut-off switch (X3); an actuator circuit (S, S1) installed into parallel to the charging cut-off switch (X3) and characterized in comprising: a discharge switch (X4) connected to one end of the encompassing coil (L) and conducting a current to the coil (L); for each actuator, a serial circuit consisted of charging switches (X2.1 to X2.n) being connected to the encompassing coil (L) while conducting away the current, and actuators (P1 to Pn) per se and diodes (D2.1 to D2.n), the diodes being disposed between the actuators (P1 to Pn) and the other side of the discharging switch (X4), and conducting the current in the discharging direction; a diode (D) connected in parallel to one of the actuators (P1).

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberTW349152B
IPCH02N 2/ 06 A I
Priority date14/08/96
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1999

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